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Admission process for applicants

Admission process for applicants

Marketing department


Head of Marketing and Students Internship Department:

Mominov Ilhom Urdushovich

Phone: +(99888) 435 00 45
Email address:
Reception days: Monday – Saturday 09:00-18:00

Uralov Bakhriddin XXX


Phone: +(99893) 308 44 88

Nematova Rano Nuriddin kizi

Chief specialist

Phone: +(99890) 093 81 33

Khusanova Markhabo Kholmurodovna

Chief specialist

Phone: +(99891) 598 11 40

Ravshanov Sunnat Ravshan ogli

Chief specialist

Phone: +(99899) 551 28 58

Achilov  Azizjon Shuhrat ogli

Chief specialist

Phone: +(99893) 822 19 95

The objectives and functions of the department:

  • Formation of a database based on the study of the needs of enterprises, institutions and organizations for highly educated personnel being trained at the institute
  • Consumers of educational services (employing enterprises, organizations with different forms of ownership – state and local government bodies, state and non-governmental organizations, etc.) to create a complete data bank by evaluating the structure, determining and grouping their geographical location, and diagnosing potential opportunities.
  • To introduce the current issues related to the improvement of the quality of trained personnel for discussion in the Council of the Institute, to cooperate with the relevant departments of the Institute in this regard
  • Training of personnel in the institute and monitoring of job placement of graduates based on state grant
  • Systematic analysis and assessment of employment processes of graduates of the institute.
  • To support the development and improvement of market relations in the field of education, to form a realistic “portfolio of orders” for graduating bachelors and masters based on indicators of demand for young professionals.
  • Directing the activities of the institute to meet the real needs of the institutions, enterprises and organizations in the area where the institute is located.
  • Analyzing the changes in the service market conjuncture that can lead to the emergence of competitive educational services for undergraduate courses and master’s specialties in the republic’s economy and social sector networks, and preparing proposals for defining new development directions.
  • Taking into account the rapid change of marketing service processes in the higher education system and the interrelationship with the dynamics of the labor market development, in cooperation with potential employers (consumers) to highly educated young specialists of the branches and sectors of the republic’s economy, to study the needs of the regions.
  • Based on the requirements of the current and prospective development programs of the economic sectors and areas, first of all, to make proposals on the establishment of the training of highly educated personnel in new educational directions and specialties in the field of high and innovative technologies.
  • Establishing mutual cooperation and communication with organizations interested in the training of specialist personnel, including studying the opinions of the administration of the enterprise, organization or institution about the quality and potential of the personnel being trained.
  • Participation in the processes of preparation, adoption and implementation of management decisions regarding the directions of personnel training and the market of educational services in the higher education system. Development of practical proposals for ensuring competitive personnel training and implementation of relevant measures.
  • To support the use of young professionals based on the demands and needs of personnel consumers.
  • Discussing the requirements of the customers regarding the quality of personnel in the process of personnel training at the Council of the Institute.
  • Ensuring the cooperation of specialized departments and consumer (customer) enterprises in personnel training.
  • Helping to organize the practice of graduate students in enterprises and organizations where they can be employed later.
  • In the specified terms, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education will receive the information about the graduates of the institute in the current year, formed in terms of educational directions (specialties), ministry, office (enterprises and organizations) and regions where they are sent to work.
  • Studying the labor market situation, formulating proposals for admission parameters based on the orders of consumers for graduates, organizing the institute’s database on admission, student contingent, and the placement of graduates in a timely manner and submitting to the Ministry of Secondary Special Education.
  • Distribution of graduates taking into account the recommendations and suggestions of consumers and specialty departments about young professionals.
  • Establishing cooperation relations and signing contracts with enterprises, institutions and organizations on the organization of student internships.
  • To ensure the organization of students’ internships in enterprises, institutions and organizations suitable for the educational direction and specialty.
  • To study the processes of organizing students’ internships in enterprises, institutions and organizations, to analyze the results of the study and to develop problems and suggestions and present them to the management of the Institute.
  • Studying advanced foreign and national experiences on the organization of student internship and preparing proposals for its implementation.
  • Preparation of analytical data on the organization of student internship.
  • Development of practical proposals for the organization of export of educational services and implementation of relevant measures.

The structure and financial support of the department:

  • The number of employees of the department is determined on the basis of the model staff of higher education institutions, and the leadership is carried out by the head. The staff list of department employees is approved by the rector in the prescribed manner.
  • The salary (salary) of the employees of the department is confirmed in the amount of the positions specified for the higher education institution, and according to the results of the department, an increase may be determined at the expense of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds in the order established by the rector.

Organization, management and control of department activities:

  • According to the organizational structure of the institute, the department is subordinate to the vice-rector for educational affairs.
  • The department reports on the results of its activities to the Council of the Institute at least once a year.
  • The department submits relevant information to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education in the prescribed forms and terms.
  • The department’s activities are coordinated and monitored by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.