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Resolution of decree “Regarding Information resource library” adopted on 13 April in 2011, gave the legal chance to employees of this domain to work efficiently as well as the opportunity to boost the level of service as equal as the standards of the world. The ultimate objective of the decree is not only to establish information resource library but also to make sure that citizens of Uzbekistan can utilize the service freely.

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The main goal of Information resource center of Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute named after A. Qodiriy is to attract young and intelligent readers and enlighten them with the knowledge of spirituality and moral issues, besides that helping them to be sophisticated.

Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute was founded in 1974 and henceforth library has been in function. Initially, there were 1789 books and served for more than 1437 users. Library worked with 4 departments.

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Library of institute was turned into information resource center on the basis of the decree of the first president of the Republic of Uzbekistan   “Regarding providing the population of Uzbekistan with information resource library” PQ-381, which was adopted on 20 June in 2006.

After this decree information resource center commenced to encompass libraries of Arnasoy, Forish, Bakhmal and Gallaral regions. Highly qualified R. T. Eshnazarova is running this center now.

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Total number of books including the ones of in the regional branches of the center amounted to 210668 and the number of users was 22318 at the end of 2016. The number of seats increased up to 386. IRC is enriched with around 3500-4000 books from the budget of the institute every year. There are 102 computers, 3 scanners, 2 printers, 4 (3/1) printers, 1 TV “Artel”, 1 video projector, 1 magnetic board, 6 air-conditioner in IRC. All the computers have access to internet and Ziyonet.

IRC functions according to annual and academic year plans. Besides, IRC created additional plans in order to implement “2016 Year of mother and child”. There are ranges of ways to serve readers of IRC. Several ceremonies are held so that IRC can help group users and individuals such as conferences, debates, introduction of new books and others. For example: “Paying attention to literature is the same as paying attention to spirituality”, “The period of being student is the best time of all”,

General fond of service department – 108934, and 6 librarians serve to book-readers.

First independent reading hall 42 seats, owns 10848 book fond. The following department is specialized in social-humanitarian subjects. Darvishova Sayyora and Norbutayeva Dilnoza work in this department.

Second independent reading hall retains 42 seats. In this department collected books belonging to exact sciences, they consist 2797 numbers, also there exist the collection of daily periodic publications. Danyarova Mokhira and Mannonova Sanobar serve in this department.

In scientific – methodical department the qualification papers of graduators and the dissertations of masters are saved. Total fond of this department is 11465. Mukarram Saidova and Guljamol Murodova are active in this department.

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The Department of Bibliography catalogizes the fond of Information Resource Center (IRC), answers the questions of book -readers, sets thematic and cord indexes, and sets up cultural and educational arrangements. Munojot Ergasheva organizes the arrangements of the Department.

In the Periodical publication department monthly newspapers of the last 5 years are saved.

In the Department of fiction literature the literatures about 6082, here Shakhlo Isroilova and  Dilobar  Jabborova serve to the book – readers.

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In the department of electron manuals 7 coworker serve. The Chief of the department is Gulchehra Irgasheva. Total fond of Electron manuals is 10102.

They are:

Electron manuals – 594

Full text  resources– 7075

Electron versions educational and methodical collections– 2100

Other literatures and multimedias – 333


5 specialized reading halls are organized in Information – resource center on purpose of creating conveniences for book – readers.

They are:

Reading hall specialized in learning of foreign languages,  Fiction – literature hall, electron reading hall for scientific investigators, reading hall specialized in exact sciences, reading hall belonging to social – humanitarian subjects.

“to create the social educational information system

PQ-No191 according to about to create the information branch of public education and the Cabinet of Ministers’ No282 “about more developing the branch of information ZiyoNET” which is accepted on the 20thof  December in 2005, the lecture texts of all subjects which is taught according to the direction of education of the department of the information resource centre of institute transferred into electron version. These are setting to portal of ZiyoNET by special graphic.

In Information – resource Centre serious attention is being given to the enrichment of the qualification of the servants of the branch too. In October of the current year 2 of the servants of the branch enriched their qualification of the profession in the education center of the Ministry of Higher and special education.

At the present moment the number of the qualified servants of the branch is 23.

The  Informative Resource Center hold a contest  “The best specialist of The  Informative Resource Center-2016”, where G. Shayzakova engaged this contest and was awarded with award diploma.

Nowadays in the corporate net constantly operates in the resource center. There is automatic system of informative resource center in this corporate net. Bibliographic inscriptions and students’ information has been included there. There are more then 39700 of bibliographic inscriptions of literatures has been included at the moment. Furthermore, the membership of the first year student is progressing day by day.

In order to encourage students to train independently and provide more possibilities the institute signed a contract with A. Navoi Uzbekistan National library in 2015 the 20th July. Currently more than 3000 teachers, professors and students are considered as member of the library. At the present time the users of The  Informative Resource Center use such sites as www.ziyonet, www.fikr.uz, www.kitob.uz , www.lex.uz.

Furthermore, for disabled students who study in our institute there are special informative services in the resource center. Moreover the program NVDA is provided for those students. The users of   The  Informative Resource Center would be controlled with KVANT program  while working with computers and informative technologies.

This beneficial labor caused the resource center to get award 167000million sums  from with A. Navoi Uzbekistan National library and spent this money  for supplying the library with modern furniture and computer technologies.

The  Informative Resource Center signed contracts with such editions as “Sharq ziyokori”, “O’qituvchi”, “Adolat”, “Fan va texnologiya”, “O’zbekiston milliy kutubxonasi”, then bought necessary literature and enriched the fond of the library. Annual subscriptions for different editions are also operating aptly. For 2017 subscription is established 34970960 sums.

In current century of technological progress settling modes of automation and telecommunication makes to serve fast and qualitatively. Referring to such demands of terms, the staff of Resource center works hard on exploration of involving info-service for users of the library.

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