Marketing department

Department: Uralov Bakhriddin UralovichTelefon: (8372) 226-62-40, Fax: (8372) 226-59-94Elektron: Uralov_74@inbox.uzBo’lim Structure: Department: BUUralovKatta Supervisor: M.Karshibaeva Temperature: M. Headquarters: A.Muhammadiev The number of staff members consists of 2-6 people, depending on the context of the students, and is managed by the head of the department. Staff schedule is approved by the rector. The salaries of the employees of the department are settled within the general estimates of the Institute and are entitled to assign up to 100% of the budgetary funds in the result of the department’s work.The tasks of the inspectors of the Marketing Service Department, i: Developing new training trends or specialists, taking into account the development prospects of the economy and social sectors of the country and the relevant regions (provinces), as well as analyzing the prepared proposals to stop those who do not meet the requirements of the educational market and to provide them with relevant departments. In order to identify the indicators of employment, the state grants and payment-contract, taking into account existing education trends or needs (orders) of employers (enterprises and organizations) Formulating current and prospective “orders portfolio” Titus distribution of employment of graduates of the establishment of the commission, distribution commission by the employer, institutions, organizations and personnel in accordance with the real needs of the graduates of the first allocation plans (net) development and results of the final distribution of its’ on the creation of a personal account of the distribution of the graduates of the academic year umumlashtirish.Yangi fulfillment of the plan (state grants and fee-contract basis, applications, and the number of the competition, the students received their training courses, or creation of a databank on the specialty (distribution), language of instruction, etc. Creation of a database on the improvement of the professional skills of students in the field of bachelor degree and master’s degree divisions (various scientific methodological councils , scientific, educational-methodical units, faculties, chairs, etc.), participate in analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of measures undertaken by them, co-ordinate all relevant divisions in marketing policy .The contract agreements with students on the basis of registration and control inspectors vazifalariKorxona, institutions, organizations, and individuals with physical training rasmiylashtirish.To’lov-contract agreement with the students bo (according to the relevant standard documents). To carry out works on the timely reimbursement of costs associated with contractual students (together with deans). International marketing activities and use of local and foreign funds and software , participation in preparation of projects. Preparation of information on the number of students on contractual basis (on the basis of working plan, together with personnel department) .Results of labor inspectors of old age: In the academic year 2006 in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from June 2, 2005 № PP-92 “On admission to higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2006 academic year” at least three provided that the production of educational institutions, enterprises and organizations to fulfill their tasks and control the distribution of qilish.Institutda the training of highly skilled personnel of enterprises, institutions and organizations needs on the basis of faculties, departments and ma’muryat ma Formation of a business bank. Studying the job market constitution, to submit to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan documents on the formation of the republican database of graduates’ employment, on the basis of real orders of consumers, graduates, contingent of graduates, ) government grant received bachelor’s and master’s study after graduating from educational institutions or enterprises with at least a three-year contract (about a month), taking into account the wishes of graduates holda.Davlat grant graduates to ensure timely employment of specialists for effective use in the economy of the republic

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