History of the Institute

  The Institute was organized under the decision of Minister of the Soviet Union in 1974 on 26 June.

 During the period of its activity the Institute has trained qualified teachers a scientific cadres for the educational needs of the republic. Among the graduates of the Institute there are many scholars, honored teachers and leaders of the educational and other institutions of region. The Institute is training specialists for the different field of agricultural , the system of public education, colleges, lyceums and the system of managing state.

At the present the students are trained in 20 afternoon field of education with bachelor degree. Nowadays there are 10 faculties and 24 chairs (departments). 7220 undergraduated students are studying with bachelor degree. More than 490 lecturers,  including 15 professors and 138 lecturers and PHD candidates are teaching them. At the present time there are 28 deparments , 36 academic laboratories, 20 specialized cabins, 25 computerized modern classes, 2 lingo phone rooms, 4 study buildings, a hostel accommodating 400 students, 3 conference halls, the house of culture, the moral centre, more than 50 subject courses, 1 football stadium , 2 volleyball, 2 basketball, 2 handball, 2 mini soccer playgrounds, a swimming pool, a gymnastic gym, 2 modern advanced sport gyms with all facilities, a library, 4 lecture halls, the Bobur sport Health resort and 5 dining cantens.

The name of Minister and Agency: Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The full name of High  : Jizzakh state pedagogical Institute named after A. Qodiriy.

Address of Institute: Sharaf Rashidov prospect 4, Jizzakh city

Postcode: 130100

E – mail: jspi_info@umail.uz

Phone: 0 – (372) 226 13 57

Fax: 0 – (372) 226 4656

Bank details:20203000900531119002

Founded : 1974

Total area: 101766m sq

Educational area: 9980m sq

Dormitory’s area: 9100m sq

Faculties : 10

Departments: 24

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