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Sayiljoy School

Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute Sayiljoy school under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan from April 30, 2001 №96 was founded by the order.”Sayiljoy School 4 in the direction of training conducted 39 training courses in the group. Currently, 1205 students are enrolled in high school.89 qualified teachers to teach students academic lyceum coming. In particular, the staff of 2 levels, 19 teachers, 10 of the leading teachers. In 2008, the Lyceum 8 young professionals, 8 of which have a master’s degree in 2009. The average age of teachers of the academic lyceum at the age of 30 years. Lisey is the guardian of the administration of institutions of higher education in the Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute and the Polytechnic Institute has established cooperation. Signed a cooperation agreement with the relevant departments of higher education institutions in the region, and enjoy the natural sciences, foreign languages, science, and social science and humanities departments were set up branches.All classes are equipped to meet modern standards. There are 3 computer connected to the Internet. Physics, chemistry, biology classes on the basis of the credit of the government of South Korea is equipped with the latest technology, the lab exposes students use the training to improve their knowledge. Classes are held in accordance with the plan. Tamerlane Saxon (physics), Gulomov suffered (chemistry) Bakirov Dilorom and Normatov Welcome (biology) all the instructions the lab.Academic School of spirituality and enlightenment equipped rooms. Spirituality and education of national and regional newspapers and magazines publishing in the number of teachers and students using the service. Academic Lyceum City Department of Internal Affairs to prevent youth crime, prokurotura and neighborhood activists, together with the discussions were held on a regular basis.Academic students physically strong and healthy enough to be equipped with 2 gyms sports equipment. For students to spend their leisure time sports, volleyball, basketball, chess, athletics, shahshka established clubs. There are academic secondary school for 200 pupils.

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