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Issue Number: Issue 1 2018 The articles in the journal are accepted in the Uzbek language. The name of the text, the annotation, the keywords should be given in Uzbek, English and Russian languages. Adaptation should be provided. Information about the author (s) need. It includes the following (on a separate sheet): First name (full) of the author (s), Work place and position without abbreviations, Phone and e-mail, Title of article heading. the copy of which should be accompanied by the required documents and an electronic version. The student must submit a specific case, a research paper, the content of the results and the areas of their application. The published articles will be printed from 6 to 10 pages you can The author (s) are responsible for all information provided in the source. The editorial does not return or comment on the article.The editorial right reserves the right to send an additional scientific examination. If the article does not have scientific value, the author has the right to reject the article if it is otherwise issued. Social life and philosophy. Music sounds. Language and literature. Innovation and pedagogical education. Science and youth. You must have Microsoft Word text editor 97-2003 (higher version) not included) .Call area: top – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm. Numbers are low and in the center. One interval, paragraphs – 1 cm All articles must be typed only in Times New Roman – 14. Formulas: Formulas should be written in Microsoft Word 97-2003 Formula Editor; (for example, (4)), the formulas stored in the image are not allowed, and the empty string before and after the formulas. Table: the tables are numbered consecutively ; Of course, the table name and number should be written in the article; the table name and its contents are centered in the center; Images (diagrams): The number of pictures and diagrams is sequentially numbered ; must be the name of the pictures (diagrams), in the article you should use the word “drawings” for pictures and diagrams (in Russian you should not write as risunok); (diagrams) are centered and underneath it are not required; Microsoft Word does not need to be used in any way .based browsing is prohibited (formulas, tables, pictures, etc.) .The link must be divided into three sections: Introduction (Vvedenie, Introduction) Main section (Osnovnaya chast, Main part) III. Summary (Zaklyuchenie, Conclusion) The list of publications used at the end of the article is presented. The indicators for the used literature are displayed in square brackets. For example, [2]; Address of the Editorial Board of the magazine “Tafakkur Ziyosi”: Scientific-methodical magazine “Tafakkur ziyo” Address: 130100, Jizzakh city, Sh.Rashidov Avenue, Manaviyat and mausoleum. [1] Recreation center 70. Sub-floor, 2 rooms. Reception hours: Every Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00Phone: (8 372) 226-02-93, (+ 99890) 643 29 64E-mail: mirzayev.bek91@mail.ru

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