Research trends

Research Areas The main scientific theme

of the Institute is “Actual Problems of Continuous Education Technology”, approved by the Council of the Institute on February 26, 2016. The scientific topics of all faculties and departments are developed and implemented on this basis.




Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (Scientific-methodological bases for the formation of professional competence in future mathematics, physics and informatics teachers)
Mathematics Teaching Methods (Topical Problems of Mathematical Education, Its Scientific and Methodological Basis)
Physics Teaching Methods1. (Development of the methodology of formation of students’ scientific world on the basis of modern requirements) 2. (Studying Exotic Situations in High-Energy Nuclear-Nuclear Impacts)
Methodology of Informatics Teaching (Scientific and Methodological Basis for Ensuring the Integrity of Secondary and Specialized Vocational Education and Higher Education Information Science)
Faculty of Natural Sciences (Ecology of Jizzakh region and study of natural resources, creation of methods of introduction of natural sciences on the basis of new pedagogical and information technologies)
Methods of teaching chemistry (introduction of innovative technologies in chemistry teaching)
Biology Teaching Methods (Study of the Fauna and Flora Fauna in Djizzak Region)
Geography teaching methodology (geo-ecological problems of Jizzakh region and strategic approaches to their elimination)
The faculty of the Uzbek language and literature (the theory and methodology of its teaching Uzbek language and literature)
Uzbek Methods of Teaching (Topical Problems of Uzbek Language Linguistics, History of Linguopoetic Research)
Methods of Teaching Uzbek Literature (History of Uzbek Literature, Literature and Criticism, and Artistic Skills)
Faculty of elementary education (actual problems of pedagogical science and technology of education)
Methods of primary education (“Problems of teaching elementary subjects and their scientific and methodological foundations”)
General Pedagogy (“Use of Public Pedagogy in Educational Processes”).
General Psychology (“Use of Public Pedagogy in Educational Processes”).
Pre-primary education (Innovative technologies in cadres training in preschool education)
Methods of Preschool Education (Pedagogical-Psychological Issues of Pre-School Education)
Pedagogy and Psychology (“Psychological Critical Issues and Professional Qualifications of Psychologists”)
Defectology (Actual Problems of Oligophrenopedagogy)
History faculty (philosophy of national democratic development and upbringing harmoniously developed generation)
Methods of History Teaching (Jizzax oasis is a political, socio-economic and cultural lifestyle of people in ancient and medieval ages (based on written and archeological sources)
National Idea, Spirituality and Legal Foundations (The Role of National Idea, Our Spiritual and Legal Legacy in Educating Barkamol Generation)
Social Sciences (Philosophy of National Democratic Development and Prehistoric Generation)
Faculty of Foreign Languages (Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages Using Interactive Methods)
Methods of Teaching English and Literature (Study of theoretical and methodological issues of English language)
Russian and Literature Teaching Methods (Russian and Russian Literature Development Principles)
Chair of Foreign Languages between faculties (Problems of Studying of Foreign Language (English-German) Comparative Analysis)
Faculty of Fine Arts and Labor Education (Formation of Professional Skills in Fine Arts and Labor Education in the Continuous Education System)
Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics (Improving Forms, Methods and Tools for Artistic-Graphic Education in the Continuous Education System)
Labor education and general technical subjects (Formation of vocational skills of Future Labor Teacher)
Faculty of physical culture (Pedagogical bases of perfection of process of teaching of physical culture in system of continuous education)
Physical Culture (Problems of Improving the Teaching of Sport in the Continuous Education System)
Physical training and sports (Physical training and sports in the system of higher education, modern methods of organizing and conducting health work)
Musical Education (Some Issues of Future Music Teaching Skills)
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