The International Day for protection of Children

The International Day for protection of  Children is observed in many countries as Children’s Day on June 1 since 1950.Also this day is accounted as joyful and pure-hearted holiday for the whole children of  the world. On this occasion some teachers of foreign languages faculty,namely A.Boymatov, X.G’aniyeva, D.Siddiqova, S.Hamidova  and  D.Bahriddinova organized a charity party in “ The Boarding  Nursery  School  Specialized for  Disabled Pupils ” .This department’s talented students, the members of  circles such as “ Bliss” , “ Enhance your Grammar” and the students of 205,206,210,306,407-groups presented their dances and interesting game activities to the children and their educators. It  was  extremely exciting moment that children could participate in  organizers’  prepared activities  and they were happy while being given gifts for their activeness.