“Appreciation and value “

As  the  9th May is as a day  of  “Appreciation and value “ in our republic .On this occasion some  teachers of foreign languages faculty ,namely  A.Boymatov, X.G`aniyeva, D.Siddiqova, S.Hamidova  and D.Bahriddinova, Sh.Eshonqulov organized a charity party in “The Boarding School  Specialized for Vision Impaired  pupils”.enyazThis department’s talented students  the members of circles such as “ Bliss”  “ Enhance your Grammar” and the students of  205,206,208,407 groups gave some information about this day. They began first remembering our first president  ISLAM KARIMOV’s  memory.Students sang a song and written work to the audience. Teachers could manage  to instruct  their  students that  we should  not only remember our ancestors, but also we  should appreciate  the people who are close to us.