Notes to the applicant

Applicants are entitled to a contractual education on the second and following higher education (Law on Education, Article 14).

From July 26th, the applicant will be able to get acquainted with the details of the premises and auditorium plans published in the admissions office, which will include the audits, auditorium numbers and layouts.

The serial number of the entrant group (compatible with the audience number) will pass from the admission committee on July 27.

Tuberculosis test, special preferential training courses, in English, Uzbek, Karakalpak (Republic of Karakalpakstan) and Russian languages, in all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the Regulation on admission * July and will be held simultaneously on August 1 (belonging to the military higher education institutions).

On the day of testing, the entrance to the building begins at 7.30 am. The applicant will personally indicate the passport and passport entry. Starting from 8.00 the entrants enter into the appropriate number of their groups.

Entrants are admitted to the building where tests are being tested, and the applicant is required to obtain a microcircuit, dictionary, table, book, mobile phone, communication equipment, dashboard and so on, and a statement (in a voluntary form) puts the infringer ‘s signature. Applicants will not be tested.

The start of the test (after 8.30) is not included in the student’s testimony.

No additional test exams will be made for applicants who are not in the test.

Applicants will submit tests (Cyrillic, Latin) in the language of instruction.

The following requirements are met for applicants during the exam:

After receiving a question and answer sheet, the answer sheet is carefully checked for each item in the questionnaire. If the test questions in the Quiz Book do not contain any typographical errors or omissions or other similar errors, you will immediately notify the auditorium’s head and provide you with a complete set of test questions and answers, (if the applicant fails to inform the auditor of the missing questions about 9.00 am, his application will not be accepted). Writes and signs the surname, name and patronymic in the appropriate place of the question book. The entrant must read the FAQ and note the section of the questionnaire.

In completing the answer sheet, the applicant uses only a blue (blue) pad ballpoint pen. It is forbidden to use the Flomaster, inkjet pen and penetration pins.

The Applicant will write and sign the information about himself / herself on the title page of the answer sheet.

The answer sheet is printed on the appropriate title and title.

Passport serial number and special code, education code and selection code are copied from the titles page to the appropriate answer sheet and duly painted.

The heading and the name of the head of the auditor and the supervisor are to be copied from the inscription (board) to the title and the title.

It defines the answers to each science in its proper place. A foreign language test applicant must duplicate the appropriate language.

Only one answer is assigned to each test task. If two or more responses to one assignment are selected, this assignment will not be awarded.

The answers are given for 3 hours for 108 questions and 2 hours for 72 questions.

Selecting answers is optional. Applicant copies the selected responses in accordance with the corresponding block of responses. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the test.

The completed answer sheet is the main document determining the applicant’s level of knowledge.

The recipient is responsible for completing the answer sheet.

In the answer sheet, the corresponding block contains the last name, first name and patronymic, code of educational institution, special code, wrong circles of the circles, the answer sheet, , who did not write and sign the lottery ID, passport number and number, did not write the answer sheet on the title sheet, or the appeal of those who painted the numbers on it.

Entrants are not allowed to leave the audience until the test is completed. Applicants leaving the audience will not be tested again.

If the test enters the test entries during the testing process with other entrants, helps the applicants and in the case of such negative cases, the procedure for passing the applicant’s test it is considered to be a violation and an act is drawn up, which will be disqualified for the test.

The applicant who completes the test before the deadline issues a book, a copy of the answer sheet and the title sheet to the auditorium’s supervisor, who writes his / her last name on the list of entrants and completes the test. If he or she helps or obstructs other entrants, he / she will also be required to issue a statement that the test will be canceled and the statement will be posted on the answer sheet.

Applicants may contact the auditorium’s supervisor and their supervisor about the failure of the test test in the auditorium.

If it is established that the applicant’s book has been torn by the applicant, then the rules for passing the test will be considered to be infringed and will be tested. An act is drawn up and an answer is drawn to the answer sheet.

Those who have been tested for a test will not receive a response, and will not be awarded a rating.

Applicant can comment on the progress of the test process in the audience by drawing the appropriate area of ​​the answer sheet.

After the deadline for the test (12.20, 11.20 **), the auditorium official will officially announce the completion of the test. All test materials for the entrants: questions book, answer sheet and title sheet are collected by the audience leader and observer. At this time, all applicants sit in their place. For applicants who did not pass the test materials on time, an act shall be drawn up in the prescribed manner and affixed to the answer sheet.

The head of the auditorium and the observer place the test items in the box and sign the two applicants in the box.

For the purpose of consideration of citizens’ appeals on conducted tests, a commission for consideration of applications at the State Testing Center (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) is formed.

The commission will include experts from the State Testing Center and experts on the subject. The composition of the Commission is approved by the Director of the State Testing Center.

Applicants may apply in writing to the Commission within one month of the publication of test questions. His / her application should be considered within 10 days of its registration (the objections of the applicants for military education are considered simultaneously with the objections of the educational institutions)

The application will be considered by the applicant. During the pretrial investigation, one of the applicant’s parents has the right to participate in the identification document. The applicant must arrive on the day appointed by the passport and the permit.

In the course of the application review, the applicant will be given a response sheet and a copy of the questions asked in the test together with the list of unsatisfactory answers he / she has made in the test test.

Based on the results of consideration of the appeal protocol is drawn up and signed by the members of the Commission and the applicant.

Information on the Commission’s conclusion is submitted to the State Commission for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Applicants have the right to appeal to other public authorities for protection of their rights.

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