Constitution – the defender of our rights and benefits

On the 5th of December in 2017 the ceremony named “Constitution – the defender of our rights and benefits” which was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan took place in the faculty of Foreign languages, in Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute named after A.Kadiri. In this event the professors and students of the faculty of Foreign languages participated.

         The ceremony was officially opened by the dean of the faculty prof. A.Mamatov`s speech about the importance of the Constitution in the development of our country and our nation`s welfare as well as its role in behavior of the youth.

         After this the deputy dean in the field of moral and behavioral issues N.Karimov spoke about the fact that these developments and opportunities provided by our state is supporting us to progress. He added that these acts play a tremendous role in the proper upbringing of the youth who are the owners of our country`s future.

Another speaker Z.J.Pardayeva, the head teacher of the department of the methodology of teaching the Russian language and literature, talked about the achievements of our nation which were gained relying on the Constitution.

         The head teacher of the department of the methodology of teaching the English language and literature R.Norbekova emphasized that each article in our constitution certainly serves for the sake of human rights and benefits.

         Every speaker took part in the ceremony claimed that they are proud to live in such a country by saying hearty words about our constitution.

         Several role plays, poems, musical presentations were performed by the students. The ceremony was meaningful and interesting.